Traffic lights

Traffic and Pelican Signal Fault Reporting Procedure.

Accurate reporting of faults assists the maintenance contractor in assessing the correct level of response. Always use the correct identification and site reference, as local place names can often be misleading to the maintenance contractor. This information is held with the Highways Customer Care Team. Care should be taken when identifying the nature of the fault because it will affect the response time.

When reporting a fault the maintenance contractor will ask if the fault is deemed an emergency or non-emergency. An emergency fault is:

a) “All Out” - This should only be used when all signals on all approaches are extinguished. (Often this description is used when one aspect is showing no indication due to a single lamp failure).

b) “Stuck Red” - This indicates that all the signals on all the approaches are continuously at red.

c) “Road Traffic Accident” - Where equipment is damaged by an RTA please collect as much information as is possible especially details of the driver(s) and vehicle(s) involved and the name(s) and number(s) of any police officers in attendance.

Any faults with a single light out or cracked/missing lenses are non-emergency faults.

"Detection Fault" - This indicates that a single approach fails to get a green signal when vehicles are waiting. This is not an emergency fault.

To Report Traffic Light Faults

If you wish to report any faults with temporary or permanent traffic lights, Please use our Online Report Form.



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